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Integrating smart cards with your business is a complex task involving multiple vendors, services, and technologies. Comet Way has the products, experience, and relationships to keep your smart card roll-out affordable and on schedule.

Our smart card customers include credit card associations, banks, health care providers, and technology companies. We work internationally with these customers to implement and enhance the productivity, effectiveness and profitability of their smart card programs.

Comet Way provides off-the-shelf and custom software for using smart cards in your business. We also provide turnkey consulting services to plan, develop, deploy and support your smart card project.

Card Boss

Card Boss lets you control smart cards from your web server. It works with any browser, smart card, or card reader. Even if the card is issued, Card Boss can control the card by sending APDU commands that the card already supports.

Cards are controlled using simple server-side scripts that are securely transmitted via SSL to the Card Boss browser plug-in. This plug-in controls the smart card and optionally sends information back to the server.

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Health Card System-Smart Cards for Healthcare

Comet Way's Health Card System is a complete solution for issuing health care smart cards and for integrating them with caregiver processes and IT systems. The system improves patient care and gives patients control of their healthcare information.

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Why Comet Way
  • Experience - Comet Way's smartcard systems are used internationally by the best
    of breed companies in the healthcare and financial services industries.
  • Service - "I wish all our vendors were as easy to work with!"
  • Quality - Comet Way software is used for mission-critical applications that require
    defect-free operation and hands-on customer support and training.
  • Strategic Roadmap - Comet Way's software integrates with current infrastructure and is updated frequently to support new and emerging standards.
  • Values - We work for educational, not-for-profit, and faith-based organizations because we value service to the community.

Comet Way expertise includes:

  • Gathering requirements and analyzing your current architecture
  • Modeling your business processes
  • Integrating and deploying PKI within your architecture
  • Designing and reviewing systems with respect to scalability, interoperability, legacy issues, and future planning
  • Assessing and mitigating risk
  • Defining and obtaining card requirements with respect to space,
    processing speed, security, operating systems and file layout
  • Selecting and evaluating smart card chips with respect to memory, processor, function, price, and availability
  • Selecting and evaluating readers and terminals
  • Developing card managment and issuance software
  • Developing end-user applications for cardholders
  • Developing on-card software including JavaCard and Global Platform applications
  • Manufacturing, issuing, formatting, personalization and printing of cards
  • Securing systems against misuse
  • Deploying the solution
  • Training and supporting your personnel