About Comet Way, Inc.

Comet Way is a small company that builds software for the most demanding customers in the tech industry. The company has delivered bullet-proof customer facing systems with Java and .NET for General Electric, Ascension Health, Goldman Sachs, Seagate LLC, and Visa International as well as several technology start-ups.

Our open source software is the Agent Kernel, a lightweight, secure Java application server with ready to use agent components that provide immediate benefits.

We sell specialized products for .NET developers, health care, financial services, travel and product search, and smart cards. Additional revenue is generated through service offerings, hosting of customized solutions, technology licensing,and partnerships.

Products & Solutions

Smart Card Software and Secure Systems

Smart Cards make computing more secure. Comet Way provides software and consulting services for companies integrating smart cards with their IT and web applications. Deploying smart cards is a complex task, involving many 3rd party vendors, services, and software platforms. Comet Way has the experience and partners necessary to keep your smart card roll-out affordable and on schedule.

Business Intelligence

The Internet holds information that is critical to your business. Comet Way uses software to find this data and deliver it to you in a streamlined, automated process. Our RealPerson Crawlers and Search Agents gather the data, and our reporting technologies distill it into customized excel reports.

Our Software

If you are developing with .NET, the www.neokernel.com lets you embed web services in your application and control the server from your code. It runs any website that works under IIS and provides simpler deployment and better control.

Smart Card developers and integrators, go to cardboss.cometway.com to download the Card Boss plug-in. Card Boss lets you integrate any kind of smart card or secure token with your web application.

The Health Card System is a complete card management system for health care organizations integrating Smart Cards with their business. It includes self service registration, card printing and personalization, and flexible integration with existing web sites.

Our open source software includes a secure Java web framework and software for working with Trusted Computing Group specifications: darkside.cometway.com