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For additional information, please download the Comet Way Health Card System fact sheet

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Smart Cards for Healthcare

Comet Way's Health Card System is the fastest and most effective way to employ smart cards as part of your health care business processes. Our system is in use right now at leading hospitals to accelerate admissions, reduce errors and provide enhanced security.

What Are The Components Of The Health Card System?
ComponentsWhat it Does
Smart CardsKeep patient information secure and speed up admissions.
Card ReadersWork with any PC and are branded with your logo.
Client SoftwareUpgrades the web browser on the PC so it works with smart cards and card readers.
Secure Application ServerServe the web applications for working with the cards:
Administrator Portal WebsiteA web application that lets administrators issue and manage cards.
Patient Portal WebsiteA web application where patients view and update their information.
Caregiver Portal WebsiteA web application that lets caregivers work with information on the smart cards.
PDA & Laptop SoftwareFor working with cards in mobile and off-line environments.
Java & .NET ToolsFor customizing and extending the system.
HL7 MessagingFor sending events to other HIS systems.