Contact Information

4800 Liberty Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

Open 9:30am-6pm EST

Phone: +1 (412) 407-2752

About Comet Way, Inc.

Comet Way is a small company that builds software for the most demanding customers in the tech industry. The company has delivered bullet-proof customer facing systems with Java and .NET for General Electric, Ascension Health, Goldman Sachs, Seagate LLC, and Visa International as well as several technology start-ups.

Our open source software is the Agent Kernel, a lightweight, secure Java application server with ready to use agent components that provide immediate benefits.

We sell specialized products for .NET developers, health care, financial services, travel and product search, and smart cards. Additional revenue is generated through service offerings, hosting of customized solutions, technology licensing,and partnerships.

Company Values

The beliefs and behaviors of the people in any organization define its core values, whether by design or by nature. Comet Way values

Dedication to Client Relationships

Amicable and long lasting relationships provide the best environment for clients to succeed.

The Beauty of Code

Elegant and appropriate engineering solutions make for better products in the long run. Code reuse and versatility give engineers an environment they are proud to work with.

People Make Success

Intelligence, creativity, integrity, and a passion for their work make people vibrant and successful.

Balance of Work and Life

Telecommuting and flex time give engineers higher quality time with family, friends, and interests.


Practices that demonstrate trust in employees to act in the interests of clients and the company community are rewarded in loyalty and dedication.