Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is the process of converting data into actionable knowledge for real-time management of business. Comet Way provides Business Intelligence using the Internet as the source of data.

Case Studies

A credit card company analyzes the online marketplace.

A telecom sales force mine and qualify sales leads.

Manage partners and distribution channels.

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Comet Edge: Featuring Eye on Prices

We collect an ocean of data on competitive prices:

  • From any pricing sources you specify
  • By market segment
  • By competing company and product
  • And by any other data fields you choose

The Benefits of Comet Edge:

  • Requires less of your time.
  • Our staff does Quality Assurance and checks the reports before delivery.
  • We have a database of historical prices so your reports can include time series comparisons.
  • We give you a project manager with experience in the online marketplace to collaborate with you and ensure that your reports are delivering value.
  • We can deliver the data in any format you specify.
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Business Intelligence Process

Planning & Direction

Identifying your intelligence needs is the first step in the Business Intelligence cycle. If you begin collecting data with only a vague idea of what is needed, you will quickly become overwhelmed by the volume of information that is available.

Gather the data

Comet Way uses automated software robots to collect timely information from Internet sources. This information can be analyzed on it's own or combined with other business data to provide additional context.

Create Knowledge from the Information

At this step, the collected data points are distilled into actionable reports that reveal trends, implications and possible outcomes. Analysis can take minutes or days. Quality analysis is not always measured by the time invested; experience and preparation are important for success.


Deliver and disseminate the intelligence in a coherent and timely manner.

Your Business Intelligence Solution

Comet Way can help you quickly build and deploy your Business Intelligence system. Our process is designed to handle changing project requirements without ballooning costs. Development of business intelligence systems is an evolutionary process that is unique to each company. Solutions can be implemented incrementally over time, or rapidly within weeks or even days.

  • Planning & Direction - Our personnel have expertise in market and data analyses and will work with you to identify your intelligence needs.
  • General Consulting - Use our analyst and developers to help with specific projects or to enhance your current Business Intelligence systems.
  • Development and Hosting - We offer turnkey services to handle your project from start to finish and to host your solution once it is in production.
  • Team Assistance - We work with your employees on knowledge transfer, training, and to integrate our solutions with other enterprise systems .

Our team uses a proven software methodology focused on continuous customer participation and rapid development cycles. This process lets the customer work closely with the development team throughout the development and deployment of the project.